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Cheaters Video

SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


Observations and feedback.

Dear friends.
Over the past 3-4 weeks, we have been watching the EA to have valid reports that clearly demonstrate that there are users who manipulated the game with different methods and at the same time made fun of others unforgiving. Soon, we'll create a feedback interface so that Ti, who honestly tried to figure out you, met with the users you find in our articles. In the recent period, we have deliberately refreshed the page because, as I mentioned earlier, we have observed and watched how many deviant users can still play the game maliciously. The call is still alive, if you can make decisive evidence of those who break the EA's general contract (benefiting from fraud) can still provide us with the means mentioned in the call to help our work and other decent players after their investigations, to win their worthy penalties, punished by fraudulent users.

Sincerely, Linksys2006