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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


We will not only mail mail robots. (Update..)

Dear Visitors, Our Registrations.

You have been tracking events through several articles, as we started to engage in ongoing negotiations with EA service staff. I've already started to believe it, and I think I'm not alone that we're dealing with just one message booth. But it's good news that the support did not stop. More and more cheats on Titanfall servers. a mail from the first letter received a response today that I would share with everyone. I then tried to summarize the positions I think we all agree with. In forums, you can find open topics to share your views with everyone.

Helo Linksys2006

Thank you for contacting EA Help. My name is Pradeep and I would assist you with your issue today.

Linksys2006, being a player, I understand it must be upsetting and annoying for you, EA will never appropriate such player. I appreciate your efforts towards gathering and providing the information about these kind of fraudsters.

Please be assured, I’ve forwarded this issue to our concern team, who will further investigate the matter and take action in accordance with our Terms of Service. Also, I would like to inform you that Due to Privacy Policy, we will be unable to disclose the investigated result or the action taken against that reported account(s).

All the cases go to our Terms Of Service department, so that they can investigate the issue and if found such element regarding this can take and action on the customers account, don't worry we are always with you, I am trying to do all the efforts from my side, but I am requesting to you please follow the steps which are mention in the link and file a complaint against the player:

Alternatively, you can also report the player by following process, please go through the below mentioned steps: 

1. Open your Friends List
2. Click the '+Add a Friend' button
3. Search for the ID of the user you want to report
4. Click on their name to open the user's Profile
5. Click 'Report User' and tell us what sort of problem you're having

* Otherwise, we recommend that you submit any or all of the following:

1. The screenname, Gamertag, PlayStation™Network online ID or ID of the offender
2. A screenshot of the action as it is taking place
3. A screenshot of the main score screen

Terms of service of department is very strict about the policies if you want you can also visit the Terms and service page for that please follow the link which is given bellow:


Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can also find answers to common questions on our Help Center at "http://help.ea.com".

Once again thank you for making the game environment neat and clean. Thanks again for contacting EA Help.

Pradeep K.
EA Help

Dear Pradeep.

I do not know you have read these letters all the letters I have sent to you to this file number so far, but believe that we have taken these steps long ago and not twice, not twice mentioned in your letter. We reported it much earlier. Unfortunately nothing has happened so far. I'm almost sure that the contractual condition itself is a condition for you to be able to act effectively against fraudsters. The players, the people we try to relax every day, are getting lost because of the scammers. We all did the steps that were listed here. I'm trying to represent players who are still hoping that the steps I made will get closer to the goal. What are the goals? That, regardless of the age of the game, as many new players join our community. And unfortunately they do not join, on the contrary we are losing weight. When I bought Titanfall's software, I remember clearly, we were a lot of people. we got many new friends, sometimes enemies. It's just that we're really dying! If I only consider our region, it's almost impossible to find players in the morning. This could be a concern in itself. And that's just the EU. But if you look at the world players, you will not reach the 300 users at the same time. If EA has resigned from Titanfall one, I understand, but then so much effort does not make sense to buy EA software if its lifetime is limited to 1-2 years. I used to buy a UBISOFT game software sometime. We played for 11 years, because it was easy to handle fraudsters. Webinterface had access to the servers and communicated with the game via IRC channel. But to return to titanfall, a screenshot of a lot can be inferred, but if anyone sees things on the server, you can really understand it and admit that scammers have always been, there are and will be. The question is just how much they are able to protect the subscribers and customers who want to relax. We walked through the steps you offered in your letter, and we'll go all the way if we see the substantive actions. But we do not see any change. Almost all of their responses refer to the General Terms and Conditions. We read this. I would come up with behavioral rules, which are defined as points of reference. When fraudsters bought the game, these guidelines were compulsory for themselves. 

Since these rules have been kicked out, they have already lost the right to use the game software. Please tell us, now is it intended to protect the general contract clause, the libelous abusers, or those who are fairly reckoned? The contradiction follows that they themselves refer to the protection of fraudulent users, which states that there is no justification for the scammers, since they themselves have kicked your own rules. So, those users who, individually, have repeatedly reported and reported to you according to the given guidelines, their grievances and scammers by name, are incomprehensible to the facts that there is not a day and it does not take away a relaxed It's 1 to 2 hours so you do not meet at least 3 devious cheats who laugh at us. I'm not writing to you continually because I feel good about it. But to call those players who call on you to follow the rules they paid for the game program. and who rightly expect you to go against the fraudsters or develop ways to make clear and fair battles for those who have chosen this form of relaxation. Given that the screenshot does not give up on the merits, the feeling and apparently visible fraud that is committed by some deviant users. So all our efforts are in the direction that we try to justify and point out fraud with video recording. Then, disclose the users who violate the general terms and conditions of your business with these acts at several points. You can also view these videos at http://titanfall-co.tk on our community site under the Cheaters Video menu.

Thanks, Linksys2006


Hello Linksys2006

Thank you for contacting EA Help.

My name is Alejandra. I am one of our Advisors here at EA Help and I have received the support ticket you opened for Origin. We are sorry to hear that you have encountered harassing players and cheaters whilst playing Titanfall 1. We are thankful with players like you who give their effort to report these players because we can not monitor each player one by one all the time. Your report is very valuable to us because the issue was brought to our attention and we were able to gather information about who does not play by the rules. I understand the frustration that comes when you're doing your best to play fair while others do the other way around. I understand that you would like some answers as to what exactly our games studio will be doing in regards to the players that you've reported to us. I wish I had that answer for you as to what their investigation looks like and the actions that they are taking to handle these players. I know that they definitely take all of these reports seriously and look into the players you mention. As far as they can still play the game and have not been banned, the best thing I can recommend is to continue reporting those players through: https://help.ea. com / en-us / help / faq / how-to-report-cheating If they are still able to play after reporting them then they must be doing something to get around getting banned or creating new accounts. And with your help we will be able to remove these kind of players to create a better playing experience for you and your friends. If you need any additional help you can also visit us on our website at https://help.ea.com/en/ and our forums at https://answers.ea.com/t5/Answer-HQ-English/ct p / AHQ-English. I've personally found a lot of solutions that I use by going to the official pages for the games I play and talking with other players that fixed similar issues on their own. I would definitely recommend jumping into the Battlefield 4 forum and seeing what similar issues you find that our other players have experienced. I sincerely hope that you can play without any interference from this kind of player in the future. Thanks again for contacting EA Help, I hope you have a great day!

Alejandra G.
EA Help


Dear Alejandra.

Thank you for your honorable answer, but let me reflect on some things. You have been sorry to hear what's going on in the titanfall 1 game. At least a year and a half I will send you the names of players who usually ruin others' relaxation. Then maybe I'm right to ask those users who regularly sent their reports over a year and a half, did not anyone hear it? I am determined to clean the game from renunciation. Dear you, she trusts you to be a great day. But unfortunately, I've been trying to get rid of the Titanfall game three times today. Failed. I stumbled on all three times. I also became determined that I was going to be all of them during the fraud, and perhaps not just me, but also the community I built up. I have suggested to everyone to make video footage while in action when they experience the annoyances of cheating. Only today I have been trying to find 4 users for whom, on the one hand, it turns out, and on the other hand, it is not probative. But believe me as much as my spare time allows me to be there when these renegades are hurting us and I'll always be writing to you until the game is clear. All of the games that you have placed on the market have a product key and I would focus on these keys if I ban them. Anybody can create an account without buying the game again. I filled out the link you linked to that I could suggest a number of solutions that could potentially help decent players. I've read their official web site to automatically manipulate the crawler within the game. It's dead from the moment it does not break once. This is about 24 hours in today's world. This is my opinion that once a brand new game is launched, the cases will break in 99% for the first 24 hours. So it is obvious that this is why the built-in anticheat does not work for what I've read. Some words about Battlefield. Actually, I do not know why it draws a parallel between Titanfall and the game I've just mentioned. But one thing worth clarifying who bought the Titanfall game would not look at issues related to Battlefield issues with the problems caused by the fraudsters. Since I've been determined to email you and try to solve my problem, I am consuming a lot of time and energy. Today, I have to provide substantive evidence for only four cheaters, and I must inform everyone on what's happening in the background on our website, and I still have to edit the information in three languages. I did not mention the cut of the video because I would like to present the clear things about the recordings. So at least 2-3 hours a day is the time it takes for this. And I can assure you that I will write until we have substantial changes to add new users to Titanfall1.

Today is evidence of fraud: JimCrowsLaw has committed speedhack


Best Regards: Linksys2006