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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


More and more are cheating on Titanfall servers Continue...

Dear friends. 

After a few days, I received a letter that led me to conclude that they were doing something against the fraudsters. I have to admit that today was again a disappointment, as watned252525 on the list did ruin the game experience. I'm sure you met with those listed on our list. My further correspondence shows how EA teams are dealing with the issues that you have already reported in many cases. And here's the sequel ... 

(Those who have not read the history can click here)


EA Help

Thank you for contacting EA help!

Hi there! This Benjamin. Thank you so much for providing all of the information you have regarding to the player that you're reporting. Don't worry I have documented to my notes about your report and our studio team will use the information you gave us to investigate on the player's account. If the player found as guilty then our term of service team will put appropriate action to the player's account.

Benjamin R

EA Help

Dear Benjamin!

Could you give us an explanation why the users we have been investigated can still play? Of whom we surely know are cheaters! Several days ago, we reported the fraudsters to you. And they can still ruin the gaming experience. When should you expect a substantive measure? I would like to draw your attention again to the fact that our company keeps track of events on the http://titanfall-co.tk community site. I look forward to your feedback.

Sincerely, Linksys2006

awaiting response


My dear friends, I feel justified, look stupid. My answer to my letter last night was that of the quarterly person who had no idea what to do under the file number, why we were complaining, why did we list a list of those who are constantly ruining our enjoyable games and recreations. After deducting the right conclusions, I have to say that the EA's help center has a tremendous headache. And here's the letter I was addressed to.

Hallo Linksys2006

Thank you for contacting EA Help.

My name is Sheen and I would assist you with your issue today.

I apologize for the issue that you are facing with the game and I do appreciate your efforts for bringing this to our concern.
But in order to look into this issue and to take necessary actions against the player, I would request you to report the player by following the link below:

Anticipation of something can test our patience at times. I know that you’ve been waiting for quite some time, but this might take a little longer.

I can not guarantee the time frame taken to complete this action.
However once you have reported it, surely Studio Team is looking into it.

Sheen U.

EA Help

Dear Sheen U.

I have more and more feel that they are totally stupid. My file number is 40593677

This file number so far is your fourth assistant who, without a deserved answer, would start the whole problem again. We have already sent this file number under the directory of the affected users, in brackets, to the actions we are challenging. If you do not have this correspondence, I do not understand what you want from me. Why did you respond to my letter if you do not know what topics to follow under this file number? I'm ready to work together so you can read my correspondence in English, Hungarian, German, our social site. Here and Here. (here I took the link because this is the news)

I think you can not help me in my questions, because you do not know why I write day by day! Please pass on the entire file to a person who can help us with the merit.

Sincerely, Linksys2006


Hallo Linksys2006

Thank you for contacting EA help.

I understand it must be upsetting and annoying for you. I appreciate your efforts towards gathering and providing the information about the cheater.

Please be assured, I’ve forwarded this issue to our concern team, who will further investigate the matter and take action in accordance with our Terms of Service. Also, I would like to inform you that Due to Privacy Policy, we will be unable to disclose the investigated result or the action taken against that reported account(s).

Anupam S.

EA Help



Dear Anupam S.

I would like to point out that you are the sixth assistant who responds to the letter I have responded so far. I want to inquire whether this is a case for dealing with file number 40593677 because it's still full of Titanfall fraudsters. I do not know what you would need or for your "team" to take substantive measures. A list of our Bindica cheat video, which we are looking at is completely clear about auto aim!


I'm waiting for their answer, so I will remain with respect: Linksys2006

We now waithing...sealed