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Titanfall won't launch

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4 months 1 week ago #16 by Linksys2006
Titanfall won't launch was created by Linksys2006
User IttleBunn asked in the EA forum:

I recently got Titanfall Deluxe on Steam because I love the game and wanted to take advantage of the new players while they last. I've played for 8 hours on my desktop with no problem, but now that I'm trying to play on my laptop the game refuses the launch no matter what I do. }

I've tried reinstalling the game, repairing the game, launching both steam and origin as admin, launching the .exe as admin, I've reinstalled steam and origin, I've double-checked to make sure my accounts are linked and they are.

Every time I try to launch the game origin will open, take me to the main menu screen, then stop attempting to launch the game. I spent hours last night looking for fixes online but no one seems to be having this same issue.

Well, there may be the following possible problems. In particular, steam and Origin do not play a dominant role in this case. Obviously there may be several reasons he bought the game again, but believe me it was unnecessary. We suffer for a long time from a hacker (Jeanue) whose fanatical goal is to ruin the recreation of others. We hoped that steam would help with this problem, but experience has shown it to be irrelevant. Steam starts the game through the original. I mean, in the fight against the hacker, even if they worked at EA on the problem, I think it’s possible that the hardware is also being monitored. I recommend that you clean at least one copy of your desktop and then try to install the game on your laptop. (it doesn't hurt to run a ccleaner after uninstallation)

I hope this solves the problem. If not, please register and share your experience.

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