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Another weekend was over, and there was a lot of feedback that Bindica was keen to destroy the experience of honest gamers. So again, I turn to you, anyone who has decisive evidence (video recordings) about the scammers, I ask you to send us to be more effective against fraudsters. EA has not done much before. That is why I ask everyone to report, after each game circle, but report it. It is very important that these users will be cool to make it as cool as possible. We are trying to fight against fraudsters on every board. We try to get higher levels with more or less success. But we are still hoping to introduce substantive sanctions, for example, against a retarded child named Bindica, who has been tested for fraud.


New videos have been made in recent days, though it takes a lot of time. In fact, I'm just thinking of taking somebody out of the way of winning supreme victories. What's the challenge in her, or how many times at home, in a day. Of course, I sent the reports to the competent ones, although I was very saddened by the horrendous slow pace of things. After reports submitted so far, we can still find those abnormal users in oringin that we believed we could get rid of. The account deactivation itself does not really lead to you, but if you can create a new account within 5 minutes.

Dear Alejandra.

23.04.2018 In a dated letter, I have been awaiting a remarkable answer to why fraudsters can still be involved among honest players. We have been reporting fraudsters many times. Here's a new cheating cheat we've been reporting on several occasions. Please explain to us that it is possible that this user is still able to ruin our relaxation. (not with another account, but with it!) Again I made a video of today but I came up with the fact that we reported this user a week ago. The user arguably argued that EA could create unlimited accounts. -at. What you are giving is an opportunity. If this is true (as facts speak for themselves and in your letter you admit that they can create a new account), then our efforts are in vain, even if they can not guarantee the programs that are patented and sold by you, their intended function and protection. This has practically deceived and misled their customers. Like us, as they can not really act against the fraudsters. In my own name, unfortunately I have come to the discretion that we are going to legalize our case, since here not only I feel hurt but practically everyone who you can not guarantee the relaxation for which they have asked for the service for this service. Your general contract terms would be governed. In contrast, we do not know the cause, but we are convinced that they do not deal with the reports we send. Nevertheless, I will again bake the damage caused by the last few days, committed by various fraudsters, with different methods.




These deviant users are also reported in the forums you have provided.

Suggestions for EA.

At present, all abuses are followed by a lengthy investigation. (as well as having no idea what's happening during a gameplay as they are not present on the game server) There is much to be expected about the substantive actions. Prepare for a Titanfall game a kick-off system that can be used to attack the scammers immediately. Monitor people who can have the right to kick. (with this measure alone will not be denied to the renitant user, but they will already see who they are and why they need moderation). This will make it easier for the action team to concentrate on relocating fraudsters. So they help decent players, they will not make reports every day. The moderating user can only and specifically play during the game, and his reasons are the same as the report. The kick-off time is limited to the game's run time, and this action allows the renitant user to disable the fraudulent manipulation utility. (if it does not, it will be another kick for the game). If you create this kick-off system, you can return to the fair players who have been dealt with by the cheaters and the EA team can also be greatly appreciated if they see the users the fact that there is protection against fraudsters. Moderators should behave responsibly, create ethical guidelines for them, mark the justification for kick-off (fraud, abnormal behavior, etc.) and allow moderators to override a complaint. (this can filter abuse of power). With this step, moderators can be called back if justified. (Eligibility Disqualification) If this system is incorporated into the game, you can regain the level of Titanfall, EA, and the team that can help them.

Sincerely, Linksy2006