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Cheaters Video

SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


The Fraudsters Margin.

Dear Visitor

The number of new players has increased nicely in recent weeks, which is really welcome. At the same time, we are sad to see that some are still using programs that offer benefits to regular decent players. Exactly the aimbot is what I mean. But here are speedhack and wallhack. The players already on the list, without hindrance, are fond of using these scams, my dear friends. You can lead a stupid child by deceiving them into being progamers. Not long ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Discord, these cheating people.

I would especially like to mention -V3X-Senpaehr_ who tried to apologize and showed video clips on youtube that convinced me even more. Well, not that these kids are playing clearly, but that I have seen absurd crosshairs that any skillful player could be, a physical inability to follow. Of course, the DPI setting was found to be weakened. Well, one track clearly shows that this is not due to DPI settings. What is DPI? -> Click Here!

After all, they still have their cheeks to come up to the servers to break down a completely enjoyable game. Although I do report every time, I doubt EA developers, after a year of struggling, would be concerned with how clean the game is. The EA has long been screened, and those who have been monitoring the events somewhat know how difficult it was for a one-man little war hacker to get rid of servers. Progress is not certain to be expected, but anyone who is convinced of themselves that what I have written many times is asking me to sabotage the participation of these users as much as possible. The story I wrote so many times is quite simple, you have to leave them there and open a new lobby if possible. Private matches are also perfect for this purpose, and we can basically exclude cheaters. They play with each other, with a level playing field. Those who are in need of some honor and fair play should avoid these common cheaters from afar. Another problem has become an open question, namely internet speed. It varies by region from Russia or even US users who do not understand, not high ping because the download speed is bad, ping high because the upload speed is too low! As a result, players with high ping will also see in real time those with a much lower ping. On the other hand, people with low ping can not see high ping players in real time. What does this result in? Teleporting, intermittent traffic. These players are very hard to hit, especially if you are bouncing. We have run into a similar formation many times and even though we ask players to play in their region, they do not play there because there are no staff. This leads to a huge divide because those with a low ping will be disadvantaged!
I am writing this for those who do not understand the point, if you have a high ping, stop running applications in the background that may use your bandwidth! One example is the torrent client. Or another program that loads the speed of the internet to upload.