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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


Titanfall and what's behind EA!

Dear Visitors.


12/28/2019 (Updated)

We will continue to follow the story with many positive things. But as with all good, there is something wrong with these little things. We don't know exactly why or because of that, but Titanfall's servers are free again and the game can be played because the hacker who has been able to eject players by running a script has finally disappeared. I don't know who we owe to the fact that the servers have finally been cleaned, but we can once again devote ourselves to our favorite game. Good question, how long? I am writing this because it will recharge very slowly, but we hope that growth will not stop. However, it is also worth mentioning that there are a significant number of cheaters among the first to return. The next step will be to challenge them. So I recommend to everyone to report abuse constantly and put the scammers together. I hope we will be more and we will be able to relax together in the future. So I've been testing Titanfall for three weeks, except for the scammers, it's quite tolerable, I hope to stay that way and get rid of the scammers over time.

We revived the site, but as of July 2018 there was no information update.

What happened during that time?

Perhaps it is no stranger to the Titanfall 1 servers from the beginning of this year, as usual, to connect and use. The simple reason for this is that EA, or Respwan, has actually left a vulnerability in the game that allows a well-intentioned sick hacker to take advantage of the game's weaknesses to get everyone out of the game right away. This is because the game crashes. We will write more about this later, but now it seems that a handful of TF1 players have found a temporary solution to how to play this game. Thanks to their long efforts and their investigation, there is probably a way to go beyond the hacker's mind and still be able to worship one of our favorite games. Obviously, this handful of people have expectations of everyone who joins them. They are working hard to rule out the possibility that they might be hacked, but even hacked. What does this page have to do with this closed circle? We want to bring together users who can play disciplined games and give themselves the true meaning of the game. For our part, we want to support their endeavors, unlike EA, which has been silencing customers on the official forum pages for months, where they are desperately confronted with the fact that a product on the market is being deliberately deceived. Why do they do all this? We do not know. In these forums fire-iron is used to kill those who make a point that a paid product simply cannot be used! At launch, our website was still trying to help EA detect a series of scams and uncover bugs. They have not been thanked to this day, but we didn't expect them to. (more than a thousand emails in the background) If you read them well, browse the EA official forums, you may find that the little kings in the forum (EA Community Managers) never gave anyone any meaningful help! Typically they would rather ask, but they did it in a way that an average user didn't understand what they wanted. The biggest help was a pre-written scenario, hidden under links where everyone who had a problem navigated. However, it was also noticeable that meaningful help was always provided by those who had nothing to do with EA other than being clients. Now, this handful of customers, tired of constantly bumping into EA managers, have taken the issue and offer solutions that make the game playable.

It is up to them now, and it is up to you. We would like to see that there is a need to keep this site alive. We are revising the registration process and working with the company that offers the opportunity to keep the Titanfall 1 game accessible to everyone.

We would like to emphasize that the existing solution was not developed with the help of EA! EA has nothing to do with it! (And we do not have a community with EA management!)

We will continue soon!