Old Scammers With New Account, Name

Dear friends.

It seems that users who have been penalized for a short time, that is to put a blacklist, they are now trying to ruin our recreations after creating new accounts. But upside down, as long as we see there is a need to interfere in order to abolish these renegotiated users, with my contribution and with Your help, we will do our best to make sure that the honestly playing and relaxing rest users and relaxation do not put anyone to ruin. It is important to see that we are only able to contribute merely if we can produce decisive evidence. For this purpose, it is appropriate to record the video and highlight it (event, killcam).
We know how annoying it is to everyone, but if we get together enough, we'll run out of the air around these idiots sooner or later. So now I ask everyone to play a user (as far as possible and to do so) and put them on our site, and at the same time we will take official action. Another very important thing you've probably neglected or just ignored lately. Be sure to send a report through Oring, as this indicates to the EA Action Team that a user does not really come from a factual suspect, but from everyone. We can only cooperate to keep the evidence that you and us produce and pass on to the EA Action Team.

Sincerely, Linksys2006