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Cheaters Video

SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


Some thoughts, insights.

Dear Friends, Readers.

You haven't been able to read anything new on the site for a long time. However, since I haven’t written, a few things will definitely be worth summarizing. Those who had read the site before could keep track of how much we chased the fraudsters. It may not be an exaggeration to write that results have been achieved in some places, but before I start some interesting things I should definitely mention.
Since EA doesn’t deal much with TF1 and its players anymore, so has this platform and the other extreme, Discord. However, I will make a few comments here. The discord, which many joined, and which was among the first to somewhat rule out the hacker who had made the game impossible for months. After joining this discord team, I soon faced hiding scammers as well. I don’t doubt if someone is better than me or my current team. However, there are some hallmarks of scams that those who didn’t start playing FPS games today will become completely clear to those who are not clean. The other issue is that I have already been silenced at the discord, as I have voiced my displeasure at hiding cheaters. It seems okay for Redshild if fraudsters could have joined his server, I even understand that, as the number of players has been declining properly in recent periods. However, I do not consider it correct that while they are writing about me on their server, which I am still able to see, the other party has not been heard either. So I would correct some misinformation that was brought up “against me” on this discord server. I am primarily 41 years old, 2006 after my name is my first join a professional FPS team. So the information that I would be 14 years old is wrong. My son is 12 years old. Also, the information that I am aggressive is wrong, I am basically calm in nature. On the other hand, it causes understandable anger from everyone if players who have not yet learned to play without aimbot join. I wouldn’t waste time or energy on scammers, they’re not worth that much. On the other hand, it is disappointing to me that cheaters are also being hidden as part of an app designed to hold decent players in a bunch.

Xbox players.

I don’t think it’s fair that while those who play from a PC can really be judged on their own skill, but console gamers, they automatically use assistance to help with a more accurate shot. I don’t hold on and maybe others don’t recognize the points of great knowledge gained through the use of these qualities. Although it is often debated that they can connect to the PC lobby through this platform, let us be aware of this as well. YES they can! The plus of all this is that, as is well known, almost all devices and peripherals can now be purchased for the xbox or PlayStation. So do the mouse and keyboard. But this still keeps aim assist on. So of course the arrogant stupid kid beats his chest to make him the best.

The aimassistaton:

High PING.

Among the players are those who connect to EU servers from another continent. It would be good if EA would limit this possibility. Discussion could be avoided while playing. Many do not understand the significance of this as they argue that their download speeds are good. Let's be aware of this too!
It doesn’t matter how good or fast their download speed is to them. The point is their upload speed! If someone has a very poor upload speed but the download speed is super, then the following thing applies. Thanks to the download speed, the player sees and follows everything in real time. However, due to the low upload speed, others perceive that their movement, also known as “teleportation”, does not detect their movement in real time, as the low upload speed results in a packet loss request from the server. I don’t want to hold a separate IT class for anyone, but those who play with a high ping value already have an advantage over others. This is not correct either! The outrageous thing about this is that there are plenty of idiots who are unable to understand, comprehend, and are unable to relate normally because They want to play.


Some find it happy, but let me be able to bear the criticism, but every coin has two sides! It’s a mistake to think I’m aggressive, it’s not angry that I’m losing a match, not even if they’re shooting out from behind me all the time. It infuriates when ten- and twenty-year-olds write disrespectfully or laugh illegally into the image of a person. If I am happy about this, I will!
The point of this article would be to say that there are a number of things that most players have no idea about. I don’t want to deal with scammers anymore. I collect the videos, and when the whole picture of who is playing with unfair advantages, whatever it is, comes together, I send it to the authorities. Of course, we know and need to be aware that EA is not going to do much against them. My vision is that cheaters will sooner or later execute who bleeds this great game. What’s a little funny, and sad at the same time, is that it definitely raises a question.
If they bleed the game completely, who would they ever play with? Is the short tail left? 😊
Everyone decides the answer.

The Fraudsters Margin.

Dear Visitor

The number of new players has increased nicely in recent weeks, which is really welcome. At the same time, we are sad to see that some are still using programs that offer benefits to regular decent players. Exactly the aimbot is what I mean. But here are speedhack and wallhack. The players already on the list, without hindrance, are fond of using these scams, my dear friends. You can lead a stupid child by deceiving them into being progamers. Not long ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Discord, these cheating people.

I would especially like to mention -V3X-Senpaehr_ who tried to apologize and showed video clips on youtube that convinced me even more. Well, not that these kids are playing clearly, but that I have seen absurd crosshairs that any skillful player could be, a physical inability to follow. Of course, the DPI setting was found to be weakened. Well, one track clearly shows that this is not due to DPI settings. What is DPI? -> Click Here! After all, they still have their cheeks to come up to the servers to break down a completely enjoyable game. Although I do report every time, I doubt EA developers, after a year of struggling, would be concerned with how clean the game is. The EA has long been screened, and those who have been monitoring the events somewhat know how difficult it was for a one-man little war hacker to get rid of servers. Progress is not certain to be expected, but anyone who is convinced of themselves that what I have written many times is asking me to sabotage the participation of these users as much as possible. The story I wrote so many times is quite simple, you have to leave them there and open a new lobby if possible. Private matches are also perfect for this purpose, and we can basically exclude cheaters. They play with each other, with a level playing field. Those who are in need of some honor and fair play should avoid these common cheaters from afar. Another problem has become an open question, namely internet speed. It varies by region from Russia or even US users who do not understand, not high ping because the download speed is bad, ping high because the upload speed is too low! As a result, players with high ping will also see in real time those with a much lower ping. On the other hand, people with low ping can not see high ping players in real time. What does this result in? Teleporting, intermittent traffic. These players are very hard to hit, especially if you are bouncing. We have run into a similar formation many times and even though we ask players to play in their region, they do not play there because there are no staff. This leads to a huge divide because those with a low ping will be disadvantaged!
I am writing this for those who do not understand the point, if you have a high ping, stop running applications in the background that may use your bandwidth! One example is the torrent client. Or another program that loads the speed of the internet to upload.

Titanfall and what's behind EA!

Dear Visitors.


12/28/2019 (Updated)

We will continue to follow the story with many positive things. But as with all good, there is something wrong with these little things. We don't know exactly why or because of that, but Titanfall's servers are free again and the game can be played because the hacker who has been able to eject players by running a script has finally disappeared. I don't know who we owe to the fact that the servers have finally been cleaned, but we can once again devote ourselves to our favorite game. Good question, how long? I am writing this because it will recharge very slowly, but we hope that growth will not stop. However, it is also worth mentioning that there are a significant number of cheaters among the first to return. The next step will be to challenge them. So I recommend to everyone to report abuse constantly and put the scammers together. I hope we will be more and we will be able to relax together in the future. So I've been testing Titanfall for three weeks, except for the scammers, it's quite tolerable, I hope to stay that way and get rid of the scammers over time.

Read more: Titanfall and what's behind EA!

Do we indulge in fraudsters?

Do we indulge in fraudsters?

Dear fellow players. Unfortunately, EA has not yet grown to filter and ban fraudsters. It would be a real breath to us to get rid of the old cheaters in the TF1 community. These miserable little worms are still ruining the game. In fact, I just don't understand why you are so tolerant of them? I am convinced that few of you know how a program that gives some unfortunate benefits works. We ask everyone not to engage with any of the players listed below as these kids or stupid adults usually use fraudulent aids. We treasure them, play against each other, with the same cheats that ruin our games. We need to distance ourselves from these users and make sure that they do not spoil our recreation. For the time being, we are making a list and then proving, one by one, that those who are included tend to use some aid in the light of being better, to our detriment, of course. Before making the list, there are a few important points to make about fraud proofing. If you meet someone who has been successfully eliminated in 3-4 games and you see a very poor performance from the user, and then 25-30 pilots away from the user who was easily eliminated in the previous rounds, it is almost certain to turn on something. background. Typically an aimbot and a little speedhack. Things to avoid and exclude from this community include



For the time being, these users are biting the gaming experience, and I wish them a long and miserable life. But the list will continue. I'm almost certain of that, so if you can do it, report them, these users aren't fair players. If you just enter, you can help our community the most by quitting the game, making private games and not playing them, so you can avoid unnecessary annoyance.

Amazeing-One Report

Amazeing-One Report.

Dokument ID: #41855577

Dear Administrators!

We kindly ask you to investigate and work on the Amazeing-One account as a serious breach of the general contract terms. You can find evidence of the Amazeing-One user on our community site. Our reason: Continuous change of name and manipulation of speed, it destroys people's day-to-day levels. At the same time, let me add my voice to the outrage that can be transmitted to others on behalf of our players. They are not even really annoyed by the fact that these kind of retarded idiots can be found every night in our games. But it's more like you're breaking your own contract terms. With that fact, I confront you and the developers of EA Titanfall that you can not enforce your guaranteed protection against fraudsters. This means that the current Titanfall, or later on, can not guarantee a smooth play against fraudsters in any of their games built on a similar platform. Our suggestions did not find any understanding ears or eyes. I have not made our proposals one time, which would have guaranteed results.Include the link where we've put the suggestions to the attention of their developers several times! I would like to inform you that this report will be made public on the community site I represent this time. Please spare the template texts, we all know that they can not disclose the developments. (What we have clearly stated is that complying with the general contract terms for you is mandatory, which is just for us to legitimize fraudsters.) They can still hurt you and us as well.

Suggestions for EA developers:


Video footage from the aforementioned user, which clearly shows manipulations:


And I do not need to say that everyone has sent you the report at that time.

I look forward to their most timely and substantive response.

Sincerely Linksys2006