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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


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Dear Visitors, Members.

For other personal reasons, I have not had the opportunity to write about developments in recent times, but I hope that our current writing, which also raises an important question, will provide satisfactory answers for everyone.
This site is an absolutely non-profit site, but on a daily basis, we still see people hiding behind different titles trying to crack the site. (good luck to the tryers)
Since lately, I haven’t been able to stay up to date with developments, so in a nutshell it’s just worth knowing that TF1’s servers are up and running, we don’t know how long, now Respawn has also gotten into the fight against hackers. The game is playable, but its old bugs are still present. There have been players in my previous posts who I thought were cheating heavily. (Bindica, -V3X-Senpaehr_, NotAxxe, etc.) After listening to the TFO developers all the way through the problems that are still present on the servers, the impossible shots that I have rated as a target stick have become clearer to me. Maybe it’s so fair that I’m apologizing here for the false accusations. At the same time, trying to put on the glove and pick up the rhythm with which I can be more productive doesn’t always work out. Especially not when I play tired. But beyond that, I also managed to take some shots, actions that I thought were impossible.

I have seen many join the remaining fleet and how many have indicated their intention to play, I have seen their support for the possibility of further developing TFO (TitanFall-Online), but I am also a little disappointed as very few of the re-operating TF1 servers they play. Of course we know why.
Then something happened that I didn’t really understand. The developers of TFO have virtually moved out of the fleet discord server. I asked his real developer P0358 and wholly manager for details.

Linksys2006: When the TF1 server wasn't available, a lot of players seemed to want to get it back when it was released again, and we saw that there were only a few people left to join the game for a few days. After this has been reduced again, what vision do you see for the development of TFO?

P0358: I think Titanfall Online should still be revived. We've faced the same question many times in the past when Titanfall 1 worked for just a week or two, then it would come back down again. This time it seems to be back up for way longer. But we never have any guarantee it will stay this way. At the same time that game is taken off sales, and most people seem to believe it's gone and unplayable forever -- issue is any attempt to convince them otherwise might bring back the server attackers back. This is why Titanfall Online is still the future and it can hopefully bring more players back, thanks to all the new content and bigger server stability.

Linksys2006: What made TF1 available again?

P0358: Presumably Respawn conducted some server update, but we don't know the details. It might be connected with the attackers not really caring anymore about taking it down again now that their focus seems to have shifted into Titanfall 2.

Linksys2006: Do you have any information about the activities of Jeanue and others?

P0358: I haven't heard any precise information of their recent doings, but I haven't been following it closely anymore either. I do believe some of the more recent Titanfall 2 attacks were also conducted by different parties, with Respawn probably also being aware of that.

Linksys2006: What happened at the Remaining Fleet discord, why did you have to leave or move? (I would like to know some details)

P0358: The owner of that server decided to stab my back and kick me out at the slightest sign of drama. Too bad because he merely holds the ownership of that server without doing any development or activities on it. Because of that Remnant Fleet has became a stale server with no clear purpose or future anymore. The home of Titanfall Online revival project will have to thus move elsewhere, to a Discord server that we will control and won't have to risk similar outcome again.

Linksys2006: What can we expect around the development of the TFO, and how legal can it be?

P0358: Since the game is abandonware and never made any money in the first place, connected with Titanfall 1 being taken off the storefronts, I don't think the activity of its revival would harm EA in any way. Technically it's in legal gray area, but looking at other similar projects, I think we will be fine.

Linksys2006: What results have been achieved in developing the TFO?

P0358: The game itself technically more-less works fine already. But we are still to develop multiple components (both server-side and client-side) to provide a good experience, and put even more thought before releasing it publicly, to avoid having it share the Titanfall 1 fate immediately (that is to make sure the servers are reasonably safe from attacks too).

Linksys2006: How could you summarize the last 3-4 months between developments and departures?

P0358: The development has been stale some time ago, due to me having little time. As now I have more time again, hopefully it will get some more pace again, and we'll approach the long-awaited release, eventually...

Linksys2006: Would you mention some features that will make the TFO different? (Game modes, weapons, characters, possibly bug fixes dust, trash, etc.)

P0358: The control over server side of the game gives us great possibilities. We can now finally alleviate bugs and exploits leading to server attacks and fix them directly, rather than counting on the game developers doing it eventually, only for another bug to be uncovered after that, bringing the game down again. Moreover, we can add any custom content that we want. Even the base Titanfall Online game already comes with a few new weapons, maps, and even a new titan. In addition to that, the servers by default run at 60 *tickrate, and this should improve the gameplay experience. Given the servers can be ran on any hardware and datacenter that we want, we are not stuck with depending on just the single machine that ran all Titanfall 1 servers in a particular region. The results in terms of networking experience have been pretty promising so far. It's impossible to completely eliminate dust in a server authoritative architecture, but the problem is definitely smaller in this game thanks to increased default tickrate of the servers.

* tickrate is a complex operation. This is the "FPS" of the server. A tickrate of 60 means that the server calculates 60 images per second for the action. To make it even more complicated, let’s just say it processes data 60 times per second (players move, shoot, die, crash, and other unimportant things 60 times per second). So 1 tick = 1 picture.

Linksys2006: Thank you very much on behalf of the readers as well.

Dear readers, members. As you can see, a lot of things have happened in the background in the last 3-4 months, but you can be sure that the TFO will be available to everyone soon. Perhaps as a novelty, I would like to mention that it will be available in Hungarian and other languages that TF1 does not have. I am working on translating and explaining this as much as my time allows. Currently, TF1 is available, there are even players. But don’t give up, we didn’t give up on the future of the game either!

Sincerely, Linksys2006