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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


Our community is Titanfall 1, Respawn and EA… What's going on here?

In our previous articles, I have tried to shed light on what has characterized the events since the first release of Titanfall in recent periods. My current article will now be a little longer and will try to provide more information to all those who have committed themselves to the game and against the game by carefully marking sources. (Jeanue)
In 2014, EA, Respawn launched the game Titanfall, which also received a number of positive and negative reviews. Those who may not have followed our writings so far can find more resources on the Internet about the topic around the article.



Our community, which we joined from 2017, spent a lot of time together, making new friends with whom we could build teams and play matches. In fact, we are not the same, but everyone has the right to have fun and relax. This was meant to be provided by EA and Respawn as well, but as it turned out, they weren’t interested in the community, the players, or those who paid hard for this game, which can only be played online (to complete the game, DLC- they also had the goods in the beginning and then it became free). True, concerns were raised at the outset, what if the game reaches an age that no longer justifies running servers? This game hit the shelves in 2014, with the release of Titanfall 2 for two years. With this, Titanfall1 has already received its first injection to its death. Countless players switched to the second part, reducing the number of users in the first part. But it’s worth stopping here for a while and seeing the background events. Nexon and EA, announced in 2016, were supposed to have released the mech-blasting extravagant Titanfall for the Asian region, unfortunately the game was canceled due to poor product development. Nexon is a huge entertainment company based in South Korea. The giant owns titles like Counter-Strike Online, Maplestory 2 and unfortunately the recently deleted LawBreakers.



It was basically rubbish that while the price of the original Titanfall was unrealistically high, the version for Korea and China was free! Interestingly, this did not provoke too much outrage. (although it may have been silenced after all). Although it should also be noted that Titanfall-Online was not long-lived either.
The end of 2017 followed, and a Hacker showed up who was constantly terrorizing servers that seemed to be working well for Respawn. Here, too, I will pause for a moment and, based on the information gathered, I would like to mention as an interesting fact that this was only currently noticeable on PC platforms. It is important to point out that the anomalies in this article were only experienced on the PC platforms mentioned above. There were reports, fights in the EA forums with the governors (moderators), who in turn silenced the players who had given an account of what had happened (to help the developers as well). We have received a lot of promises that they have not been able to keep since the beginning of 2018. Listen carefully! It's been 3 years!

On August 1, 2019, Titanfall’s remaining fleet (TF Remnant Fleet) was formed. Which became available through Discord. Many joined our community and waited for help against the hacker, some picked up the fight to avoid constant gaming accidents. Which was partly successful. (At the request of the developers, we can no longer write.) We return to the Fleet in the threads of events.
In May 2020, we read news that Titanfall designers are leaving Respawn.
Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring. Shiring was responsible for designing the server architectures, and it was thanks to him that he was so vulnerable at the same time.


Some of us believe that since they quit, there has been no person at Respaw who understands what Shiring has created. Maybe that’s why there’s no more support for Titanfall’s remaining players anymore. We don’t want to guess, but it doesn’t change the facts, for the first part of Titanfall, there’s no support right now.
We’ve Gotten Around Today In November 2020, EA put a game on the steam shelves that can’t be played! The question arises as to whether EA, steam, or Respawn can be sued. (We hope there will be a precedent for it) They beat shoppers without shame. No information was given that the game could not be played, as it was never officially acknowledged that a hacker was constantly terrorizing players. It is simply inconceivable for us that a tech giant of this size should disregard its customers so much.
Another slap came from Hecker. Countless forums now indicate that you cannot connect to Titanfall (PC) servers because the hacker is present on every connection thread by running a pre-written script. We analyzed these harmful activities and unfortunately came to the conclusion that this is unfortunately not defensible from the client side.
In the long story, I deliberately didn’t mention the hacker, who is already referred to by many in the ranks of Titanfall as Jeanue. But here, unfortunately, I am forced to stop for a while and also have to write about this unfortunate, socially malnourished being because of the connections. His activities are well known in our circles, but one cannot go without saying that he not only drew attention to himself with his activities, but everyone had to endure his racist statements for years. I would like to point out that the name shown in the image below is a stolen name of an old player that is not the same as its real owner!

After these and similar racist, disgusting statements, EA did not remove them from our community, even though we made hundreds of reports of this and similar manifestations. How could EA tolerate this? Why not take action against racism? Shame!
Conclusion: EA and Respawn can identify with racism and vulgarism on the principle of hearing consent. It commits itself to the perpetrators of illegal activities. He sells a product that can be used for nothing. Their support system is maximally criticized and identified with racist as well as socially disadvantaged sections of society for having usually persecuted those who were law-abiding citizens and law-abiding in their forums in recent years.

Dear readers, the information presented so far is based on facts. The allegations are all true, easily substantiated and proven.

January 2021.
After the players multiplied a bit when the steam gained attention again with the help of the steam, our hacker came back and as I described, Titanfall 1 was not supported.
I wrote earlier if there is a solution that can make the game free of hackers again. Yes, there is a solution, but unfortunately we still have to wait for that. Before anyone thinks EA and Respawn will help, you’re wrong. Although who knows? It’s even possible, though in our opinion, no one has understood the server architecture since Shiring left. However, there are talented people in Titanfall’s remaining fleet who bear the fate of Titanfall 1 in their hearts. No one in this small group has source code or access to Titanfall’s current servers. Unfortunately, we can't fix this. However, Nexon’s legacy is good for us. After diligent research, we believe this game can be revived. With new characters, weapons, titans and game modes. The work has been going on for weeks and we are also looking at the legal background. As we wrote earlier, we do our best to provide a service without hackers to all those who have remained loyal to us and Titanfall 1. On the question of how much it will cost us, we have no information, but I am sure many people will support this initiative. Neither the community nor our site has received any support from the official distributor, but since we have been hostile to us for 3 years, it is worth noting that we cannot expect much from them. For those who will buy, it is definitely advisable to find out and think about which manufacturer and what to buy in the future. This will avoid any annoyance that the forums have been voicing since mid-January.





In the end, all we can do is wait patiently, our side and the Remaining Fleet of Titanfall, trust in the perseverance and work of talented people. We wish them every success again and assure them of our support.
If you would like to be a supporter too, you can contact us at Discord


In the event of any further developments, we ask for your patience in the meantime.

Update: Special Thanks to RedShield for the correct translation.