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SkyGinTom Gravitation Hack, and Aimbot

Ez lesz a következő csalás, amit a Titanfall1 ben tapasztalhatunk. 

This will be the next cheat we experience in Titanfall1.

Dies wird der nächste Cheat sein, den wir in Titanfall1 erleben.


We're applying again

Dear Visitors, Members.

For other personal reasons, I have not had the opportunity to write about developments in recent times, but I hope that our current writing, which also raises an important question, will provide satisfactory answers for everyone.
This site is an absolutely non-profit site, but on a daily basis, we still see people hiding behind different titles trying to crack the site. (good luck to the tryers)
Since lately, I haven’t been able to stay up to date with developments, so in a nutshell it’s just worth knowing that TF1’s servers are up and running, we don’t know how long, now Respawn has also gotten into the fight against hackers. The game is playable, but its old bugs are still present. There have been players in my previous posts who I thought were cheating heavily. (Bindica, -V3X-Senpaehr_, NotAxxe, etc.) After listening to the TFO developers all the way through the problems that are still present on the servers, the impossible shots that I have rated as a target stick have become clearer to me. Maybe it’s so fair that I’m apologizing here for the false accusations. At the same time, trying to put on the glove and pick up the rhythm with which I can be more productive doesn’t always work out. Especially not when I play tired. But beyond that, I also managed to take some shots, actions that I thought were impossible.

I have seen many join the remaining fleet and how many have indicated their intention to play, I have seen their support for the possibility of further developing TFO (TitanFall-Online), but I am also a little disappointed as very few of the re-operating TF1 servers they play. Of course we know why.
Then something happened that I didn’t really understand. The developers of TFO have virtually moved out of the fleet discord server. I asked his real developer P0358 and wholly manager for details.

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Respawn Confession

The news that has come up these days is that Respawn has admitted, (Source) are aware of Titanfall 1-2, but perhaps even Apex attacks. In fact, they warned everyone to be patient and wrote that they would soon fix server bugs. Although they spoke quite narrowly, perhaps our message finally reached them after three years.

Several PC gaming websites have already brought down that the fix is ​​expected to arrive (ASAP) as soon as possible. Some, on the TF Remnant Fleet discord server, have already indicated that something is really going on in the background, as it can be seen that in some regions, the servers have already gone offline and we have seen that they have been restarted a few times. Is there really any hope that we can chase each other back on the servers? They don’t know, but they haven’t been able to join them in four weeks, so Jeanue and his colleagues can’t cause any further annoyance either.

There is still an open question circulating in the air ... Once both TF2 and Apex are under attack, will they only be repaired or will everything be fixed? We don’t know, but we hope they fix everything.

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The hacker is back. There is a solution?

Dear readers.


The hacker is back. Yes ... There is nothing wrong with your machines ... That EA does nothing is not newsworthy with us, we have been facing the same problem on EA forums for 2 years now. Back in September 2019, I indicated that the game was simply unplayable. So there is a gap in the shield. This means that the developers of titanfall have left a number of vulnerabilities to allow the game to be attacked. The good news was that in the second half of 2020, we couldn’t see the hacker (Jeanue) ruining the game’s experience and playability for everyone. Since the first part of Titanfall has no single part, it can only be played online. I asked a team of lawyers to look into EA’s terms and conditions. That's what happened. I would not go into details now, but to highlight the point, there are a number of legal twists in the contract that could be used to attack EA on any front. Not to mention that the company giant has no representation in those countries. Thus, they are subject to the laws and remedies of the home country. So, if someone intends to sue, the remedies must be enforced in the United States.

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Our community is Titanfall 1, Respawn and EA… What's going on here?

In our previous articles, I have tried to shed light on what has characterized the events since the first release of Titanfall in recent periods. My current article will now be a little longer and will try to provide more information to all those who have committed themselves to the game and against the game by carefully marking sources. (Jeanue)
In 2014, EA, Respawn launched the game Titanfall, which also received a number of positive and negative reviews. Those who may not have followed our writings so far can find more resources on the Internet about the topic around the article.

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The official resolution of steam

Dear Visitors, readers.

Our site has been dealing with Titanfall problems since 2018. We’ve seen dizzying scams before, you can read about the story of our Jeanue hacker. Now, however, I will write about what the official position of steam support is about how our community can count on this help after 2 years for the hackers ’amok run to finally be eliminated. I am sorry to inform you that steam is officially invoking us to contact EA Support. Needless to say, we have exhausted these circles and reports by far without substantial support. We don’t know the reasons, EA still doesn’t officially admit today that a hacker has gone beyond their minds. Since steam has also recently lined up to sell the Titanfall 1-2 game, I have officially asked for a resolution on whether our community can count on the help of this years-long problem. Without change, here is the letter:

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